Who We Are

Kids First is an interactive educational program designed to meet the specific needs of children whose parents are separated or divorced.

The program is facilitated by licensed mental health professionals, Masters-level psychotherapists, interns and trainees.

Our board consists of Family Law attorneys, mental health professionals and others interested in the well-being of kids and their parents.

What We Do

Kids First provides a safe place for all family members to learn skills that will...

  1. Help Parents understand the experiences of children during and after divorce.
  2. Help children cope more effectively with the changes in their family.
  3. Promote cooperation between parents to better meet the needs of their children.
  4. Improve communication between parents and their children.
Register Today

Kids First is an important commitment to yourself and your child. For Registration and Fee Information, go to our Registration page. For Program Dates, see our Program Schedule.

For additional information, or to speak with the Registration Coordinator, please call:


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