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Kids First is specifically designed for each parent and their kids, ages 4 through 17, to attend the same program (Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer) and to be there for each session of the program.

Each week, the curriculum provides for coordinated objectives between the kid’s groups and the parent’s groups.  Each week’s curriculum is cumulative, building on the foundation of the previous week.

Parents not attending the same program or refusing to attend at all, many times will not allow the kids to attend on the other parent’s weekend, causing an interruption in the bonding process in the groups and diminishing the effectiveness of the program for the kids.

When a parent does not ensure or permit the attendance of their child, they are keeping the most vulnerable family member from benefiting from the Kids First curriculum, which was designed to meet the needs of all family members.

Utilizing the “Court Order” form available on the Kids First website, in the “Attorney” room at the Lamoreaux Justice Center and, in most Family Law courtrooms, will eliminate any confusion regarding the requirement that the parents and kids attend Kids First together.

Our work with parents who are emotionally involved in the conflict is becoming more important and challenging, as many parents are coming from a perspective of winning or losing and are without the benefit of objective legal counsel and/or therapeutic  counseling,  due to economic constraints.

Kids First is the most comprehensive and cost effective intervention program for the whole family in Southern California.  It costs less than $15.00 per hour for a family of four to attend, costing  less than what each parent would pay their attorney for one hour.

Having both parents and kids attend all sessions of the same program will exponentially increase the benefit to the family, making all family members winners.

Parents, this time will pass.  Life will get better for you and your kids.  Let Kids First help.

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